7 Unveiled Facts About the LVMH Prize in Fashion: The World’s Most Coveted Fashion Award

Unraveling the Esteem of the LVMH Prize in Fashion

The LVMH Prize, indisputably, holds a high regard as a prestigious recognition in the fashion realm. Its illustrious past and the successful trail of awardees make it an invaluable achievement in the journey of numerous emerging designers.

Background and Objective of the LVMH Prize

Founded in 2013 by the LVMH Group, the global luxury goods powerhouse, the LVMH Prize is a channel to identify and foster extraordinary talent in the sphere of fashion. The award aims to back young designers who demonstrate remarkable promise in modern fashion design. As a launch pad for these gifted artists, the LVMH Prize offers a golden chance to propel their professional growth.

The Influence of Clinching the LVMH Prize

Bagging the LVMH Prize transcends mere award acceptance; it’s about earning applause from some of the industry’s most powerful personas. The victor gets monetary aid and a year’s guidance from experts within the LVMH group. This mentorship encompasses advice on diverse facets of brand development – spanning production, distribution, marketing, intellectual property rights, and sustainable growth.

LVMH Prize in fashion

Evaluation Procedure and Assessment Committee

The selection mechanism for the LVMH Prize is stringent and fiercely competitive. It entails various evaluation levels by LVMH experts and an elite panel comprising industry stalwarts like Marc Jacobs, Nicolas Ghesquière, and Virgil Abloh, among others. The committee scrutinizes applicants based on their creativity, uniqueness, technical competence, and commercial potential.

Prominent Recipients of the LVMH Prize

Since its initiation, the LVMH Prize has celebrated numerous gifted designers who have subsequently carved successful fashion careers. These include:

  • Thomas Tait, the pioneer winner in 2014, invested his prize money to further evolve his self-named label.

  • Marques’Almeida, 2015’s champions, who have now become a regular at London Fashion Week.

  • Grace Wales Bonner, the 2016 victor, who has received acclaim for her designs focusing on black male identity.

  • Marine Serre, the 2017 laureate, who has bagged other esteemed awards and is recognized for her inventive use of recycled materials.


The LVMH Prize is not merely an award; it is a lighthouse for aspiring fashion designers globally. It offers recognition, mentorship, and financial backing – a triumvirate that can catapult a young designer’s career to unparalleled heights. Consequently, the LVMH Prize will persist as a highly desired honor in the fashion sphere, molding the future of design one laureate at a time.

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For more information on the LVMH Prize, you can visit their official Google search page.

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